Alcatel, Lucent, and Alcatel-Lucent retirees: you can now join us!

It took some time to iron out some technical issues, but we are now able to have our former members (whether retirees or not) ‘re-join’ our Chapters mailing lists! To do so, do get in touch via the Contact form and we’ll get you started.   Photo credit: eMail by Esparta Palma, on Flickr (under Creative Commons license).

Meeting HomoSFèRe

Sylvie is President of HomoSFèRe, an NGO which gathers lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees of the SFR group and their friends. SFR is the second biggest telecom service provider in France, and its workforce includes more than 10,000 employees.   Sylvie has been working at SFR for 12 years; she was a victim of […]