Honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance

To celebrate and honor Transgender Day of Remembrance, EQUAL! invited Ryan Sallans to talk about the issues faced by Transgender Employees in corporate environments, and how allies can support these employees through their transition—and beyond. As the transgender community becomes more visible in the media and in our daily lives it becomes increasingly important for […]

Benefits Survey

By the EQUAL! Benefits team Benefits have long been a key focus area for EQUAL! Our 2012 Benefits Focus Team has made some significant progress in helping make key benefits information more accessible to our membership. As we continue to expand this work and identify benefits gaps, we need your help and support. We would […]

Alcatel, Lucent, and Alcatel-Lucent retirees: you can now join us!

It took some time to iron out some technical issues, but we are now able to have our former members (whether retirees or not) ‘re-join’ our Chapters mailing lists! To do so, do get in touch via the Contact form and we’ll get you started.   Photo credit: eMail by Esparta Palma, on Flickr (under Creative Commons license).

Meeting HomoSFèRe

Sylvie is President of HomoSFèRe, an NGO which gathers lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees of the SFR group and their friends. SFR is the second biggest telecom service provider in France, and its workforce includes more than 10,000 employees.   Sylvie has been working at SFR for 12 years; she was a victim of […]

Video project to support equality for LGBT people

Some of you may have read about the “It gets better” project which was initiated last fall after a number of suicide among young students in the USA. Those suicides were following bullying attitudes towards LGBT and questionning youth. Several thousands of videos have been created by individuals to show their support against bullying, from […]

No Closet?

by William Huguet Firstly, let me explain why I felt I had to make this post. I am not at all a real-TV addict which I usually blame for exposing the worst side of human being. I am not either so eager to share my life with everyone – I take pride in myself for […]

Blunder – WWYD?

Or maybe the question is – what should I have done? I run a non-profit organization and on Sunday, I was at a fundraising event that one of my board members was hosting. My board member is a Lesbian and many, but not all, of the crowd were LGBT, and all were LGBT-friendly and aware. […]