International Women’s Day Celebration (2010).

International Women’s Day was celebrated 8 March 2010. This is observed world-wide as a day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women.

In Washington D.C, the US President and First Lady observed International Women’s Day on Monday with a reception at the White House. There were many women of note in attendance along with many young girls — and as commented on by the President — some notable men attended too.

During President Obama’s speech he talked about the contributions of women to our society and specifically called out the struggle for Lesbian women to receive fair treatment. After discussing successes on the front of equality for women in the workplace, the President noted that:

“But even as we reflect on the hope of our history, we must also face squarely the reality of the present -– a reality marked by unfairness, marked by hardship for too many women in America. The statistics of inequality are all too familiar to us — how women just earn 77 cents for every dollar men make; how one in four women is the victim of domestic violence at some point in her life; how women are more than half the population, but make up only 17 percent of the seats in Congress, and less than 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs.
These, and any number of other facts and figures, reflect the fundamental truth that in 2010, full gender equality has not yet been achieved; that the task of perfecting America goes on; and that all of us, men and women, have a part to play in bending the arc in America’s story upward in the 21st century.”

Was International Women’s Day celebrated where you work — and — what type of visibility do women at your location have?