Video project to support equality for LGBT people.

Some of you may have read about the “It gets better” project which was initiated last fall after a number of suicide among young students in the USA. Those suicides were following bullying attitudes towards LGBT and questionning youth.

Several thousands of videos have been created by individuals to show their support against bullying, from people like you and me up to President Obama and many other members of his staff. They can be seen here.

Other projects have taken off since then, one of them being “We give a damn” which mainly consists in rallying straight allies to show their support towards equality for LGBT people:

More recently, a similar project started off in France and it’s called “Projet Entourage LGBT”. It is rather similar to “We give a damn” where straight supporters are witnessing their support for equality, with a french touch as current videos have all been in French language so far:

If you’ve been involved in any of this project by posting a video (or several), it would be great that you send a link so we can gather those videos and make an event out of them, for example during the coming LGBT Awareness Month — next June.


(photo by Michael Verhoef under Creative Commons licence)

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