Focus Groups.

EQUAL! is driven by its “Focus Groups”, that are staffed every year to help the organization achieves its goals on four different areas. Those Focus Groups are open to any EQUAL! member to participate in and/or co-lead.


Mission: To govern EQUAL! Education and Awareness Activities (courseware, IDAHOBIT, LGBT+ Pride Month, NCOD, etc.)


Mission: Handle the external & internal marketing of the EQUAL! Organization to raise visibility of EQUAL! within Nokia as a pillar of inclusion, a recruiting asset; support Membership Focus Area by reaching all potential new members on a global basis


Mission: Identify benefit and policy gaps and to seek improvements; maintain and improve our documented benefit package for all employees


Mission: Find ways to grow EQUAL! membership – looking for opportunities for new chapters. Increase the active participation of our members.

You can get in touch with any of these groups through our contact page.