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June is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Awareness Month. The EQUAL! EBP (Employee Business Partner) provides activities to celebrate the contributions of the GLBT community and to raise awareness of the issues faced both within and outside the workplace that impact the lives of GLBT employees and employees with GLBT friends or family members.

EQUAL! encourages all employees to watch our pre-recorded events during June. Managers in supervisory positions are extremely encouraged to take the “Creating a Safe Workplace for GLBT Staff – A Class for Managers”.

GLBT Webcast Classes presented by EQUAL! on Alcatel-Lucent University (for ALU Employees)

Class descriptions and presentation slides are also available for each class at the above links.

Other Pre-Recorded EQUAL! Events

Choose from archived Webcasts from previous GLBT Awareness Events, National Coming Out Day Events and World AIDS Day Events: EQUAL! videos and other online archives

General Information

EQUAL! is an educational and support group that strives to help Alcatel-Lucent achieve its goal of an inclusive workplace for all employees. To learn more about the mission, goals and history of EQUAL!, visit the EQUAL! Home Page.

For any questions about GLBTAM events, feel free to contact Ryk Koscielski (EQUAL! GLBTAM Chair).